Are you looking for an unusual gift for a special person? Give her a secret from Berries&Co - an innovative necklace filled with stunning gemstones . You can exchange the contents of the medallion at any time. Check out the full offer of our store and discover the secret close to your heart!

Innovative pendant with a stone exchange system

Berries&Co has created a collection of innovative necklaces, drawing inspiration from the traditional secret cabinet , where important items such as photos were once hidden. Our interpretation consists of two glasses and unique gemstones hidden between them.

A special mechanism allows you to open the jewelry at any time and change the compositions . This way, you can choose either a ready-made or a more personalized set, guided not only by your intuition, but also by your heart. All stones at Berries&Co are carefully selected, so each shape and shade looks original.

Jewelry you won't get bored of!

The Berries&Co secret book is a carrier of emotions and memories, the contents of which may bring to mind what is valuable in your life at a given moment. The option of freely changing the contents of the necklace also allows you to refresh its form and aura so that it fits a specific style or situation.

Due to the fact that the secretary is made of 925 silver, it is a durable accessory that retains its shine for many years . Choosing one of our necklaces is a great gift idea and giving a loved one a souvenir that they can keep close to their heart. Discover the collection of secretaries and a wide selection of Berrie&Co gemstones!