BonBonBon Set no. 5
1 800 PLN 1 349 PLN
BonBonBon Set no. 4
2 490 PLN 1 869 PLN
BonBonBon Set no. 3
2 690 PLN 2 019 PLN
BonBonBon Set no. 2
2 990 PLN 2 239 PLN

Lightness of being. Joy of living.


It’s like a piece of candy you find in your purse that reminds you of your holiday. A touch of sentimentality, freedom from rigid rules and regulations. Memories of moments when everything’s possible and nothing is missing. We seize this joy to the fullest, we play with colours and want more and more!

BonBonBon Set no. 1
2 850 PLN 2 139 PLN

Can you still remember your first ring?

With a colourful gemstone from a seaside resort or one made from a meadow flower? The BonBon collection was inspired by a ring my mother brought back from an exotic trip. It symbolises the strength of memories, the power of the most beautiful experiences and the closeness of relationships. Experience the pleasure of colours and enjoy your happiness!

Perfect imperfection

The BonBon collection combines the renowned craftsmanship of Polish goldsmiths with rare gemstones from the four corners of the world. Larimar, kyanite, tanzanite and rubellite – this unique selection of stones enables the creation of surprising colours and the bold combination of colours in jewellery. The seeming imperfections of the stones – called inclusions – are their history that they want to share with you. Their true beauty, a testament to their naturalness, resides in their unique and unexpected features, not in their perfection. The stone contained in your jewellery is as unique as the fingerprints of your own hand. Each element is meticulously crafted by hand and the raw finish emphasises the artisanship and authenticity of the collection.