Someone close to you - a friend, cousin, sister - has recently given birth to a child and is planning to celebrate this extraordinary event? A baby shower is an opportunity not only to give gifts to the baby, but also to its mother. After all, welcoming a new family member is an important moment in every woman's life. How to make a new mother feel special on this day? The answer is simple - jewelry that will stay with her for many years is the best souvenir. Give a new mother a unique gift on the occasion of the birth of a child - check out the Berries&Co offer!

The most beautiful jewelry for the birth of a child - women's necklaces

A perfect gift for the birth of a child will be a necklace from the Secrets collection, in which you can place your favorite gemstones, such as rhodolite and onyx. In this way, the owner of the medallion has the opportunity to freely replace the contents or add additional symbolic souvenirs in the future. For women who are usually colorful birds, we offer colorful beads or necklaces with expressive pendants. Berries&Co's wide offer, including minerals imported from all over the world, ensures that our beautiful jewelry will satisfy even the most demanding tastes and will bring a smile to the face of a new mother.

Birth rings - a souvenir for life from Berries&Co

A ring, this seemingly small accessory, accompanies many women every day. After all, it is a valuable souvenir that reminds us of important events - including the birth of a long-awaited child. Just look at the hand and the memories will come back and fill the young mother with positive feelings as she wears the ring given for this special moment. At Berries&Co we offer both delicate and massive models, so you can easily find an accessory tailored to the individual style of every woman!

Jewelry for the birth of a child - a bracelet for a baby shower

Properly selected bracelets can become a symbol and commemoration of life changes. After all, the birth of a child fills the mother with great joy. An original gift Berries&Co offers a wide selection of bracelets - from elegant proposals to hand-woven decorations, such as bracelets on colorful strings . To celebrate the arrival of a newborn baby, it is worth choosing the Birthstones collection. Silver bracelets (also available in a gold-plated version for gold lovers) with various designs have been enriched with a unique detail in the form of a natural stone. By choosing a model with a mineral that symbolizes the month in which your loved one became a mother, you will give her a personalized and personal souvenir.

Trendy earrings – a gift for a modern future mother

If a young mother likes fashionable accessories and closely follows the latest trends, the best solution for a Baby Shower gift will be earrings. Expressive decorations that add character are great complements to any styling and a perfect alternative for women who do not have pierced ears. Earrings can be worn in many ways, e.g. instead of traditional earrings or in combination with them.

Baby Shower gifts – earrings reminding you of a special event

Earrings are a must-have element of every styling, and if chosen well, they work great as casual jewelry worn every day. When looking in the mirror, every mother will remember the birth of her child, and warm memories of this special day spent with her loved ones will come back to her. Celebrate the birth of a child and be inspired by Berries&Co products to give your loved one an original Baby Shower gift!