18K gold perfectly illuminates a warm type of beauty, and its durability guarantees high-quality jewelry. Are you looking for unique and unique accessories that combine classic elegance and timeless style? Check out Berries&Co products made of 18-carat gold!

Berries&Co jewelry made of pure gold

Berries&Co jewelry made of 750 gold is characterized by a high content of this precious metal, up to 75%. This extraordinary material requires appropriate care and sensitivity due to its fragility and high value. The warm, yellow color brings to mind pure gold, and its intensity perfectly brings out the natural beauty and shine. Our offer includes both delicate gold earrings that will subtly highlight your beauty, as well as necklaces using the unique beauty of precious stones - blue lapis lazuli, deep black obsidian or pink Guava quartz. Discover 18-carat gold from Berries&Co and find high-quality jewelry for yourself!