Are you looking for unique jewelry? Check out our proposal for a universal gift idea for a loved one. Heart motif necklaces don't have to be boring! We refresh the traditional pendant and create original solutions. What does the new version of the classic look like? Check out heart necklaces from Berries&Co!

A delicate and feminine accessory - a gold-plated necklace with a heart

You can wear our gold-plated necklaces to add a bit of beautiful, royal shine and brighten up any outfit. The heart-shaped pendant has a perfectly balanced and expressive form, thanks to which your look will gain character . The pendant is made of 925 silver, which translates into high durability of Berries&Co jewelry. Elaborate workmanship and careful gilding make the effect delightful with elegance.

Instead of a standard chain , we offer a delicate ribbon that beautifully highlights the neck , which, combined with an inflatable heart, constitutes a perfect and very feminine set. The craftsmanship approach to form and attention to every detail in jewelry design makes Berries&Co products impress not only with their high aesthetics, but also with solid workmanship.

A timeless motif – women's heart necklace by Berries&Co

The heart is a timeless symbol of love and a classic motif that gains new life at Berries&Co. Our proposal will make many jewelry lovers want to have our original necklace in their collection. The inflatable pendant is an eye-catching and at the same time subtle detail that fits both an evening dress and a more casual look for a meeting with friends.

A necklace with a heart can become a beautiful souvenir that can also be given to your mother, sister or loved one and prove the bond between you. In this way , a durable and at the same time unique in design gift will gain additional, sentimental meaning. The pendant will not only decorate the neck, but also remind you of your shared history, while emanating a warm, golden aura.

In our offer you can choose from many original jewelry models. Get yourself a one-of-a-kind decoration. Discover Berries&Co necklaces that will add shine to any styling!