Perfectly selected jewelry not only attracts attention, but above all adds self-confidence. Enamel-decorated earrings are one of the most impressive trends of recent seasons. Berries&Co offers its clients fashionable accessories in an elegant and original version. We combine the timeless beauty of classic styles with modern design. Are you ready for a real explosion of colors? Get yourself a stylish accessory that will emphasize your character and taste. Discover the power of colors with our original enamel earrings!

Enamel earrings – get to know Berries&Co products

Expressive details add energy to any styling, bringing a smile to the face of the woman who wears them. Berries&Co products are available in various colors, and our unique Viva Emalia collection will make you shine with a riot of intense colors. Let yourself be carried away by bold and juicy magenta! Do you prefer more subtle decorations? We have the perfect solution for you in the form of a cool, pastel blue version. Our store offers many universal styles, from small but characterful balls to classic circles enriched with a hanging, enameled detail. Get to know the best-selling earrings from Berries&Co - the Copenhagen model, whose shape resembles a chain link, is a must-have for every cocktail party!

Gold-plated earrings with enamel

Our enamel earrings are the result of a combination of carefully thought-out composition, the highest quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. At Berries&Co, we make sure to provide our clients with a durable accessory that will accompany them not just for one season, but for years. We owe its timeless beauty to its exquisite workmanship and precious metal. The materials we choose to make our earrings are crucial to their durability. 925 silver, which ensures resistance to damage – which is important in everyday use of jewelry - it is the basic raw material used by Berries&Co to create original designs with enameled details. To give them a flawless shine and additional value, at a later stage of production we carefully cover them with a layer of 18-carat gold.

Enamel earrings - a fashionable accessory that complements your styling

The golden, warm shine is reminiscent of hot summer days illuminated by the sun's rays. Berries&Co enamel earrings exude joy and remind you to enjoy the moment. Regardless of whether you prefer delicate or more massive ear decorations - in our store you will certainly find a style that will meet your expectations, and the color will delight with its depth. A wide range of colors makes enamel earrings a perfect addition to any outfit - both subdued and expressive. Unleash your creativity with our products. Create energetic compositions by combining colorful Berries&Co accessories!