If you are looking for versatile accessories for any styling, you couldn't find a better place! Berries&Co presents jewelry that is comfortable and does not lose its shine. String bracelets are a timeless combination of simplicity and elegance. Gold-plated decorations, pendants with unique natural stones and a universal weave that allows you to freely adjust the size and fit to your hand - these are just a few of the advantages of our original products. Check out why Berries&Co string bracelets are a great idea for women of all ages!

Silver bracelets on a string - compositions by Berries&Co

String bracelets offered by Berries&Co are a combination of intriguing and magical accessories, such as natural and precious stones shimmering in the sun in the form of a stylish pendant and sophisticated workmanship. The gold-plated elements owe their durability to professional workmanship of 925 silver. Our original jewelry is created with the utmost attention to the smallest detail, and each composition is the result of passion for creating original accessories and a carefully thought-out design that is intended to reflect diverse, feminine beauty.

Sensual everyday jewelry – women's string bracelets

A precise weave and eye-catching, shiny decorations are a simple way not only to emphasize your natural beauty, but also your everyday styling. All thanks to elegant elements that give the jewelry value and a unique look. If you are a lover of small, yet richly decorated forms, check out the Gypsy collection from Berries&Co! Choose a noble pendant with a symbolic meaning. Coral with a characteristic structure and a wide range of shades will give you energy and improve your well-being. The intense blue color of lapiz lazuli makes the bracelet a distinctive decoration in contrast with the light brown string. Our offer includes many more unique minerals. Discover the power of stones and choose your favorite composition from Berries&Co!

String bracelets with a Berries&Co pendant - expressive colors and character

String bracelets are perfect jewelry for everyday wear. Every woman will appreciate this accessory. For a teenager, it is often the first piece of jewelry, subtly emphasizing her girlish beauty. It will work well as a decoration for school or for more solemn occasions, e.g. the birthday of your closest friend. A string bracelet gives lightness and perfectly breaks up elegant stylings, which is why women in their prime also willingly reach for this accessory, which is associated with carefreeness and freedom. Due to the wide range of intense colors, noble gold-plated details and natural stones, you can choose a jewelry model that suits your taste and personality. Get to know Berries&Co string bracelets, which will become an indispensable accessory for you in every situation!