Types of earring clasps – find out the best solution for you!

Choosing the right earring clasp is quite a challenge, which affects everyday wearing comfort. An ill-thought-out and, in addition, not very functional, choice of mechanism can cause many problems.

Unpleasant situations, such as strands of hair getting caught in jewelry or the loss of a valuable ornament, happen very often. However, there are many types of fasteners, so you can easily find something functional for yourself .

From traditional pins, through English fasteners, to stable creoles - each type has its own unique features and advantages. Get to know our original suggestions and tips!

Why is choosing the right earring clasp important?

Choosing the right earrings is of great importance for the comfort of the person who wears them. Lifestyle remains the most important criterion. An active lifestyle requires a stable fastening due to the greater risk of losing jewelry during intense movements. The same applies to heavy earrings with more massive shapes.

We must also not forget about individual preferences regarding comfort and aesthetics. Some people prefer invisible solutions, while others prefer more decorative ones.

Types of earring clasps - overview and selection tips

Although the earring may be stunning, you should take into account its form and whether it fully meets your needs. However, it is worth remembering that a well-fitting clasp is not only a matter of comfort, but also aesthetics.

Which of them are most often used by jewelry lovers? At Berries&Co you will find various models of fasteners - learn the most important information about each of them!

Pin clasp

The pin is one of the most popular and easiest fasteners , all thanks to its simple design. This type - also called a stud - consists of a thin wire that goes through the hole in the ear and a plug that protects the jewelry from getting lost.

Contrary to appearances, the stud works great not only for small, but also for larger accessories, such as Drops earrings or gold-plated oval earrings from the Eternal no. series. 2 .

If you like minimalist solutions and personalized details, be sure to check out the models from the BonBon collection !

model wearing stud earrings

Hook clasp

The ear hook, also called the English ear hook, is a hook-shaped fastener that is easy to put on and take off. It is available in both open and closed variants, with additional security in the form of a loop .

Alabaster Basic earrings , i.e. gold-plated hoops with white, enameled details, are a unique approach to elegance, and thanks to the use of a hook clasp, they combine functionality with original design.

Creole clasp

Kreol is a form of clasp closure that resembles a latch, locked on the opposite side of the earring . Stability is considered the greatest advantage of this solution. When is it worth investing in them? Kreole is a fastener most often used in classic rings of various sizes.

If you like timeless, minimalist design, then Eternal no. earrings. 4 , they will delight you with their warm gold glow and perfect form. The silver model of Row Silver braided earrings is an excellent proposition not only for women with a cool type of beauty, but also for fans of more massive ornaments and expressive decorations.

woman in gold-plated earrings with creole clasp

Szarnir type clasp

The szarnir clasp is like a safe clasp for earrings. In terms of structure, it most closely resembles a Creole. It is distinguished by its solidity and durability, which is especially important if you wear larger size earrings , which may be heavier or more susceptible to falling out of the ear hole.

Snap closure

Snap closure is an option often used in models with more complex shapes. They are a perfect solution for people who want to wear more extravagant jewelry without worrying about its safety. However, they have a wide range of applications. You will find discreet snap pins, among others: in New York or Oval midi earrings .

blonde in earrings after choosing the right clasp for herself

French clasp

The French clasp is a delicate and elegant mechanism, perfect for both medium and heavy earrings. The open design does not require a cap, which means it is comfortable to use and does not cause pressure or discomfort when worn . This is an excellent choice for people who value lightness in jewelry.

English clasp

The English clasp is an elegant and safe solution that remains discreet and imperceptible when worn, and therefore comfortable. Its structure - resembling a lyre - consists of a small metal latch that guarantees the safety of the jewelry. Perfect for earrings of a high standard of workmanship and value.

How to care for earrings with different types of clasps?

The main rule for caring for earrings with different closures is to regularly check the closing mechanism to prevent it from loosening . For example, hook-type fasteners, characterized by a hook-like bend, require caution when putting them on and taking them off so as not to deform the metal. In the case of sticks, it is recommended to regularly check the condition of the plugs.

Each clasp has a different shape and structure, so the simpler the form, the easier it is to clean the jewelry. Regardless of the design of the jewelry, cleaning of jewelry should be adapted to the metal . It is best to refresh gold elements using, for example, water with baking soda, and silver elements - with vinegar. You can also use special preparations.

Types of earring clasps and trends – what jewelry to choose?

For jewelry lovers who try to stay up to date with trends, choosing the most popular earring clasps in the season is something natural, and keeping up with news in the jewelry industry makes it much easier. Remember, however, that the most important thing is your comfort.

If you have your favorite type of fastening and the others do not necessarily work, choose the models that you feel best in . The fact that a given earring clasp is a hit this year does not necessarily mean that it will work, for example, for people leading an active lifestyle.

Choosing the right mechanism is not only a matter of taste, but above all practicality and functionality . It is worth spending time getting to know the different types of clasps and then choosing the models of women's earrings that best suit your needs and requirements.

brunette in a hat and wide earrings with a clasp