Leg jewelry – how to wear it and what does it mean?

Jewelry worn on the ankle decorates the leg, emphasizes its shape and at the same time complements any styling phenomenally, especially in summer. The meaning of bracelets worn in this way varies depending on the culture and symbolism, which is often given to accessories that act as personal talismans. Get to know the latest trends and learn how to wear jewelry on your leg!

How to choose the right anklet bracelet?

Choosing the right anklet bracelet depends on many factors, including style, occasion, and individual preferences and taste. Delicate chains with minimalist pendants will be perfect for elegant styles, and the more colorful and decorated models will be perfect for holiday trips and summer festivals. What else is worth paying attention to when choosing jewelry? Check out practical tips that will help you make decisions and create looks for any occasion!

What does an anklet mean?

An anklet can have different meanings, depending on the culture and context in which it is worn. This type of jewelry has been known since antiquity, so the symbolism has evolved over the centuries. In ancient Egypt, ankle decorations indicated social status, and the higher the position in the social hierarchy, the more valuable metals were used. In India, this type of bracelet meant a magical power that men could not resist, so it was intended primarily for married women. These are just a few examples from a rich history. Currently, in Western culture, jewelry on the leg is primarily a fashion accessory, associated with freedom, ease and lightness.

On which leg is an anklet worn?

In the past, there were clear rules about which leg to wear a bracelet on. For example, the left one meant what an engagement ring does today, and the right one meant independence. However, modern fashion is much more flexible. Remember to always put your comfort first.

The latest trends in ankle jewelry

The fashion for anklets is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging every season. However, some of them have a timeless character and will work great every summer. A real must-have are beads - they add color and joy to summer outfits, perfectly matching the beach atmosphere. Lady B's blue anklet, fashionable details made of Czech glass with a color reminiscent of the depths of the ocean.

Another hit are nautical motifs, and Captain's Cord made of green nylon rope is a perfect reflection of this trend. The original design, using an 18-karat gold-plated silver pendant and cowhide details, is an expression of a modern approach to jewelry design and proof of craftsmanship.

We must not forget about decorations inspired by nature. Bracelets referring to marine fauna and flora, such as the Chérie model with a shell made of natural stones, are a proposition for lovers of delicate decorations. A thin, nylon string - available in several colors - allows for a perfect fit to the ankle.

How to combine anklets with other jewelry?

Styling anklets with other pieces of jewelry is, on the one hand, a real art, and on the other - an opportunity to have fun and show creativity. A popular solution is to combine them into coherent sets, but it is you who sets the criteria for selecting accessories. The collection itself is often a common element, e.g. we have created Chérie bracelets in two variants - for the ankle and the wrist. Sometimes it is also worth experimenting by combining accessories according to the theme. Nautical accents can be combined with bracelets and necklaces in a similar nautical style.

How to care for ankle jewelry?

To maintain the beautiful appearance and excellent condition of your jewelry, you should follow some practical rules regarding care and storage. Anklet bracelets are often worn on the beach - but they should be removed when swimming in the sea or swimming pool because salt and chlorine may damage the material. Individual gold or silver items require additional steps if you want their flawless shine. Strings, especially nylon ones, should be stored in a dry place. If you care about high-quality ankle jewelry, check out the Berries offer and discover a range of original and solid bracelets!