Summer jewelry – get inspired by sailing and the sea!

Summer is the time when you can allow yourself more freedom and creativity in creating styles, both elegant and casual. The sunny months are the perfect opportunity to experiment with fashion and accessories. Don't know what jewelry to choose for the beach? Need extravagant decorations for a summer festival? We tell you what accessories should be in your collection!

The most fashionable jewelry styles for summer

An inseparable element of summer outfits is jewelry, which adds shine and emphasizes temperament. This season, sailing, maritime and sea-inspired motifs are particularly popular. Looking through the latest trends, it is easy to notice that the sailing style, with its characteristic anchors, ropes and shells, is gaining more and more supporters. No wonder - after all, nothing better reflects the spirit of summer, adventure and carefree holidays!

Nautical inspirations in jewelry - anchors, ropes, shells

The most popular summer jewelry motifs include all kinds of nautical accents. Anchors, ropes, shells and sea horses, and other elements of ocean fauna and flora are unique and expressive decorations, perfect for a visit to the beach. Apart from the obvious reference to the sailing style, each of the mentioned details also has a symbolic meaning. For example, anchors are associated with stability and security.

You can easily find jewelry with marine motifs in various forms - from delicate anklets , through elegant earrings, to spectacular necklaces and rings. You do not believe? Be sure to check out the Red N' Blue bracelet, made of red and navy blue nylon rope with an original gold-plated pendant, reminiscent of a sailor's weave. However, if you prefer more subtle decorations, choose the Lady B model with blue beads and express your love for the sea!

Why is sea-inspired jewelry perfect for summer?

In summer, when many people want to spend time by the water, enjoy the sun and the sea breeze, jewelry inspired by water creatures and motifs is a unique must-have. By choosing chains or earrings inspired by the sea, you can feel like you're on vacation, even if you spend it in the city. Sailing jewelry is also a great souvenir, reminding you of the beautiful places you have visited and carefree moments spent on the beach. When you look at Chérie's shell bracelet, you will hear the sound of the sea again in your imagination.

Colorful jewelry for summer - add color to your styling

Colorful jewelry is a perfect and simple way to add energy and joy to everyday styling. This season is dominated by intense colors that attract attention and emphasize the tan. In the Viva collection you will find intriguing propositions and shades, encouraging you to create original combinations.

The Viva B́ERRIES Red XL ring, made of 925 silver, gilded with 18-carat gold and covered with red enamel, is a perfect example of jewelry that combines elegance with summer freshness. For lovers of extravagant accessories with unique, geometric shapes, we have Copenhagen Vanilla earrings - also available in a mini version. For people who prefer original, ready-made sets, we recommend the Band Mix no.2 ring set.

Summer bracelets – how to wear them and what to combine them with?

It is not without reason that bracelets are one of the most frequently chosen summer accessories - they are light, comfortable and match perfectly with summer outfits. How to wear them to make them look stylish and fashionable? First of all, it is worth experimenting with different materials and colors. Jewelry from the VIVA collection combines various shades and textures, giving you many more styling possibilities. Intense colors will perfectly enrich styles with a true classic of beach or festival fashion, namely an anklet. The combination of these two trends will give your look freshness and character. Add light dresses or long, airy skirts with a slit, and you have a ready-made and eye-catching styling.

How to care for jewelry in summer?

In summer, jewelry is particularly exposed to many harmful factors. In order for it to retain its shine and avoid potential damage, it is worth following a few simple rules. Wearing bracelets or earrings is not recommended when swimming in the sea or other bodies of water due to the salt and chlorine content. Clean jewelry using products dedicated to a given material. Also remember about proper storage. If you want to enjoy the excellent condition of your accessories for many years, choose high-quality products. Discover the beauty of nautical motifs and enhance your styling with jewelry from Berries!