Secret secrets

Hours of sketches, conversations, putting visions on paper, until the perfect design was created. Perfect shape, proportions, form.

What is born in the head becomes real. A 3D print is created, and then a form - the "mother". Each casket is cast in wax before being cast in precious metal. Liquid wax is pressed into rubber molds, which are created on the basis of the mother. The "waxes" created as a result of this process are used to make the final casting. The waxes are poured with casting compound. Under the influence of high temperature in the furnace in which they are placed, the wax melts, leaving a plaster mold. It is filled with melted, liquid ore.

This is how two halves of the Secrets box are created, and at that moment, as befits a love story, they are connected together forever.

In such a raw form, the caskets are subject to many hours of grinding and cleaning.

At the final stage of this process, the pieces will enter the hands of the jeweler - they are hand-polished, carefully examined and checked under a microscope. They must be perfect - free of scratches and damage.

Then the boxes are washed in an ultrasonic bath, dried and polished again. At this stage, each of them receives her own chain.

The silver caskets continue their journey - they will undergo the gilding process.

The final stage involves dressing them quickly and carefully polishing them again.

We hand over the resulting box to you. Love him and give him tender care, and he will be your faithful companion for many years.