Secrets necklaces are the flagship product of Berries&Co, which previously contained a variety of natural colored stones. Now it has appeared in new, unusual versions made of 18-carat gold and diamonds. The limited collection will include classic colorless diamonds, as well as unique champagne diamonds and distinctive black diamonds.

Diamonds – little wonders of nature

They were created billions of years ago, even 300 km below the earth's surface, at enormous temperatures and under enormous pressure. They have come a long way, pushed to the surface by tectonic movements and volcanic eruptions, to finally end up in the Secrets boxes.

Diamond is the hardest natural material on Earth. Its name comes from the Greek word "adamas", which means "indestructible" - even before diamond cutting techniques were known, warriors carried them in their raw form as protective talismans.

Classic diamonds - a universal symbol of beauty

Loved for their shine, shiny reflections and the life they have in them. Color, clarity, cut, and carat are the so-called 4Cs of diamond classification. The most valuable diamonds (apart from colored ones!) are those that are completely colorless, completely clean of flaws and inclusions, and with a perfect cut.

The diamonds are round brilliant cut diamonds - these are the ones enclosed in the new unique Berries&Co medallion.

Champagne diamonds

Diamonds come in all possible colors. Those in warm, golden-brown shades are commonly referred to as champagne diamonds. These phenomenal, characteristic stones come in light, honey and darker chocolate tones. Their popularity has been continuously growing for several years.

From a gemological point of view, we define such diamonds mainly as "yellow-brown", but using an analogy for colors, such as the term "champagne", is widely used, convenient and adequate. The Berries box contains beautiful champagne diamonds in a round brilliant cut.

Black diamonds

An alternative to classic colorless diamonds are mesmerizing black diamonds. They stand out from other colored diamonds because they are opaque. Despite their black color and the fact that they do not transmit light, they can reflect it beautifully from the surface of the facets, creating the impression of an almost metallic shine. Naturally black diamonds are extremely rare, so dark diamonds or those with a significant number of tiny inclusions are commonly subjected to irradiation and high temperature to obtain a deep black color. Historically underestimated, black diamonds have been gaining fans all over the world for several years.

Paulina Sierakowska
Gemologist of the International Gemological Institute