Our meeting with Magda took place at the HER Impact command center in Warsaw, at Bracka Street. From the very first moment, we were struck by her openness and infectious energy.

Magdalena Linke-Koszek created HER Impact - an online platform supporting women in their professional path.

“We help women find jobs, develop, we want to inspire them. Our goal is to break glass ceilings so that as many women as possible are present in the labor market and achieve success.”

Magda is a volcano of energy and entrepreneurship. HER Impact was created as a result of combining passion for business, education and networking. He quickly won many awards, and Magda was chosen Glamor Magazine's Woman of the Year.

When he is not working for HER Impact, he is involved in new projects, volunteering or writing articles.


"Jewellery in my life has mainly sentimental importance, I rarely buy it myself, it is usually a gift, e.g. a chain that I received after the birth of my daughter.

Behind each piece of jewelry that I have, there is a unique story related to the events in which it accompanied me or those on the occasion of which it appeared in my life.

The most important thing for me is the gold chain with a heart on which I got married and on which my mother got married. I received it from her and I will give it to my daughter in the future.

I definitely choose gold jewelry, I also like rose gold. The love for gold applies not only to jewelry - the objects I surround myself with every day also choose in this color. I don't like silver yet ;)

Every day I wear delicate, small chains or rings that I don't have to take off very often, but I like to emphasize special occasions with larger, more characteristic and beauty-emphasizing pieces of jewelry. Then I am definitely closer to the Italian style than the French style, even though I lived in France and studied art history."

Maybe that's why Magda chose our Green Memories earrings. We secretly hope that they will complement her outfit for some special event and thus become part of a special story.

If you want to get to know Magda better, you can find her on social media at @magdalenalinkekoszek or you can listen to her podcast in which she interviews her guests.


The Berries&Co.x Muses project is a project in which we present women who particularly inspire us. #berriesmuses

Those who support other women in their work and everyday life choose unusual paths and achieve success. Women who, thanks to what they do, give strength and encourage women to make their own, independent choices.

Photo: Aleksandra Galewska