From one day to the next, she decided to leave the city. Next to her own house, she and her husband built another one for guests, to share what was important and beautiful to her.

Every day, he feeds guests, paints, and grows vegetables in his House on Paproć Hill.

Who among us doesn't dream of such a life?

The first question that came to our mind is about the moment when dreams collide with reality.

You already have your dream house in the countryside and then you start to face new challenges: with the neighborhood, sometimes difficult, with mundane problems, with responsibilities that become your everyday life, because you can't start the day without them. But once you understand the new reality, everything around you starts to reward you for your effort and effort. Every day a different light, a changing landscape outside the window - this is a new reality that is close to dreams.

He doesn't miss the city. It's not a feeling of lack, it's just a replacement. He doesn't regret what happened, but finds new answers to what is now.

In rural life, he appreciates and likes rituals. They organize the day. Early wake-ups, morning runs, prepared breakfasts for guests - they start the day. As a family, they always find time for breakfast together. Living in the countryside, he has more space for this.

He devotes his day to hobbies, children and ordinary everyday duties. Important rituals include spending time together with your husband in the evenings, when the children are already asleep.

He has a great need to accumulate beauty, he collects everything, he needs many experiences - whether it concerns the wardrobe, the kitchen, or the colors of paints in the studio. He likes having resources because it gives opportunities, and opportunities give freedom.

Kasia spends almost all her days in her studio, and the pictures she paints are always in her head. They accompany her all the time. The inspiration to create comes from everything that surrounds her - the fogs, horizons, fields, meadows, and color changes typical of the Beskid Wyspowy Mountains. Everything that happens around her.

Every season is a favorite. Summer is completely special because you can spend the whole day in the sun and enjoy the light. In winter, the only longing is Kasia's well-tended and beloved garden.

She is a dreamer. He turns his dreams into plans. Her new life is also the result of dreams.