She left her legal career to pursue what she was passionate about. She graduated in design and entered the fashion industry - she currently works as a creative advisor at KAZAR.

As she emphasizes, she is particularly inspired by women at work - she focuses on their desires, analyzes the current situation, so that the products she offers to her clients meet their current needs as closely as possible.

The pandemic situation has greatly changed the fashion market - women are increasingly choosing comfort, timeless and universal clothes, shoes and accessories.

When we listen to what she says, we come to the conclusion that this is exactly what Kamila is like - she welcomed us to her home in a casual, sporty, but very stylish and timeless outfit.

She wears jewelry every day, even when she works from home. He has his favorite elements that he never parts with. One of the most important items in her collection is the engagement ring she received from her now husband :)

Therefore, we were not surprised that from all our collections she chose Eternal no. 4 earrings. Gold and minimalism.

At the end of our meeting, we asked Kamila: what do women want?

She responded to us out of love and confidence.

And that's what we wish you, dear ladies. Regardless of whether you choose tracksuits and sneakers or high heels :)


The Berries&Co.x Muses project is a project in which we present women who particularly inspire us. #berriesmuses

Those who support other women in their work and everyday life choose unusual paths and achieve success. Women who, thanks to what they do, give strength, inspire and encourage other women to make their own, independent choices.