A lover of beauty and minimalism. A perfectionist in every way. We were charmed by the peace, consistency and harmony that accompanied it. And the care with which he chooses the objects he invites into his world.

Her greatest inspiration is her son - thanks to him she wants to become a better person.

He deals with communication strategy on a daily basis. Especially in crisis. The calm and positive aura that surrounds her make us know that her clients are in good hands.


He does not have any random jewelry in his collection. Each item in her collection has a beautiful story and she is very attached to each of them.

India chose a necklace from our latest collection - Birthstones April. With a diamond - the stone of her birth month.

The April stone has extraordinary power - of love and devotion. Supports you in making good decisions.

Thank you for meeting us, India. We hope that the Birthstones necklace will join your unique collection and will remind you of your meeting with Berries&Co.

If you want to see more of the beautiful world of India - check out the @indiasaka profile on Instagram :)


The Berries&Co x Muses project is a project in which we present women who particularly inspire us.


Those who support other women in their work and everyday life choose unusual paths and achieve success. Women who, thanks to what they do, give strength and encourage other women to make their own, independent choices.

Photo Aleksandra Galewska