Nothing brings back memories like a locket with a photo - a beautiful decoration and a souvenir filled with feelings. High-quality jewelry is as durable as the special moments hidden inside. Berries&Co has created a series of necklaces that will help you store what is most important. The original shape, expressive colors and delicate chain make our products perfectly emphasize women's beauty.

A secret holder is the best way to give a loved one a personalized gift, and the surprising detail in the form of enamel adds character and will appeal to people who like a bit of extravagance. Discover a wide selection of Berries&Co opening medallions!

Stylish locket with a place for a photo - a gift idea

People kept their most valuable souvenirs and trinkets in a traditional secret cabinet. In our original medallions you will find space to place two photos, and the gold frame of the necklace will give them a noble, magical dimension and make them look like two portraits.

At Berries&Co , we focus on classics in a new edition, thanks to which our jewelry gains an original shape . The long and thin chain makes the enamelled detail under which the photographs are hidden become more expressive and immediately catches the eye. Medallions - always close to the heart - not only remind us of what is important to a given person, but also provide positive energy and warmth.

Openable necklace with an enameled pendant

The enamelled detail perfectly highlights the noble, royal color of gold and adds energy to the entire composition. All medallions from Berries&Co delight with fashionable and at the same time non-standard color combinations . We focus on intense, full of life and vigor colors.

The Viva Emalia collection, which includes opening necklaces with a place for a photo, is distinguished by an explosion of colors - from a subtle, almost lavender purple to a distinctive shade of lime . Choose enamel jewelry from Berries&Co and add character to your styling!

Choose your photo locket at Berries&Co!

Openable lockets from Berries&Co are an extravagant accessory and a sentimental souvenir in one, an ideal gift idea for people who like to stand out from the crowd and at the same time appreciate the personal nature of the gift given. Energetic colors create positive energy, and the photo placed inside the medallion constantly brings back precious memories and fills you with positive feelings .

At Berries&Co , we only use high-quality raw materials , such as durable 925 silver, thanks to which our products not only retain their shine, but also serve for many years. Give your loved one a one-of-a-kind gift - give them a medallion that they can wear close to their heart, and the photo inside will remind them of amazing moments. Check out the full range of photo necklaces from Berries&Co!