December bracelet
500 PLN 350 PLN
March bracelet
400 PLN 280 PLN
September bracelet
700 PLN 490 PLN
October bracelet
400 PLN 280 PLN

Important dates are transformed into personal talismans.


Objects are capable of evoking strong memories, thoughts and emotions.
The Birthstones collection includes 12 stones. Each stone has its own meaning, its own colour and emanates a subtle energy that harmonises with a certain month of the year.

February bracelet
320 PLN 224 PLN

The stone of your birth month

They’re assigned to a month of birth, but you don’t have to stick to this idea. Choose what speaks to you, what strengthens you, what adds charm. Some of us choose according to artistic considerations. For others, Birthstones recall the moment of the birth of their child, the adoption of a dog, moving house or an important anniversary. How will you choose to wear them?

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