Jewelry as a gift – what to buy instead of flowers for Women's Day?

Mother's Day is a moment when a child has a chance to express a whole range of emotions towards such a close and important person in their life - gratitude, love, respect. How to make mom feel special? Nothing brings a smile like a phenomenal souvenir that pleases both the eye and the heart.

Choose an original gift instead of flowers. Below you will find some ideas that should meet the requirements of both supporters of minimalism and lovers of more extravagant accessories. Find out how to surprise your mother on Mother's Day!

A gift instead of flowers – is jewelry a good idea?

Unlike a bouquet of flowers, which fades after a few days, jewelry is a lasting gift. The purpose of the gift is simple - it is intended to remind the recipient of love and gratitude for many years. Earrings, rings and medallions also have symbolic value , and it is not without reason that they are identified with the stability and strength of relationships.

Flowers can be a good complement to the whole gift, but they fade away too quickly. Jewelry remains a great option not only because of its durability, but also because of its ability to be personalized. A diverse selection from gold to silver, through more or less designer styles, allows you to match the gift to the taste and style of a specific person.

What jewelry is the most popular on Women's Day?

High-quality jewelry - silver, gold-plated or gold - is very popular on Women's Day. Products made of these raw materials are not only valuable, but also durable, which is why they are a good idea for a gift instead of flowers. Heart-shaped accessories are also unflaggingly popular. Remember, however, that it is not worth limiting yourself. When choosing a gift, you don't have to be guided solely by current trends.

If you know the recipient and their taste, you can choose less standard decorations - after all, the jewelry should be selected specifically for the woman who will wear it . Inspirations are useful, but don't be afraid to trust your intuition - gifts chosen from the heart are always the best.

Jewelry as a perfect alternative to a bouquet – how to choose it for your mother?

What instead of flowers? Bracelet, earrings, rings? Or maybe enamel accessories? What will work best for lovers of natural stones? Check out our proposals and original gift ideas!

Delicate bracelets - a small, original gift

A universal bracelet can also be an original gift - all thanks to the selection of intriguing and unusual weaves. The thickness of the chain and links gives the jewelry a unique character.

Handmade string bracelets , additionally enriched with natural stones, are perfect for women who value casual decorations with a touch of elegance. Colorful, light jewelry is a perfect alternative to traditional models and an original complement to casual styles.

woman tying a bracelet as a gift for her mother

Light earrings or ring with enamel

Enamel earrings and rings will delight with their color. On the one hand, it may be an intense, vibrant and fresh color, on the other hand, it may be more subtle, pastel tones. The choice depends on individual taste and style. The style and size of the jewelry, and especially the enamel decoration, can also be personalized.

These types of earrings are lightweight, which makes them very comfortable to wear not only on special occasions, but also every day. The noble, golden glow perfectly brings out the depth of color.

woman with jewelry instead of a flower for women's day

Medallions or a necklace with a secretary - add something of your own

Medallions often hold beautiful memories, and inside they can be found small photographs of loved ones, worn next to the heart. The necklace becomes a personal talisman and a proof of feelings, attachment and memory. Mother's Day is a great opportunity for this type of gift - just choose jewelry with the right shape. The most popular form is still the oval, but it is not the only possible option.

Choosing natural stones is one of the best ideas for a great gift. You can fill the necklace with a secretary yourself with shiny trinkets or choose a ready-made and color-coordinated set, e.g. consisting of white topaz and rock crystal. The great advantage of such a decoration is the free exchange of contents. This way, matching the stones to your current mood is not a problem.

a medallion instead of flowers for mom

Berries&Co offer – an idea of ​​what to choose instead of flowers!

Regardless of the material it is made of, jewelry can be adapted to the individual style of the recipient. Silver, thanks to its elegance and classic appearance, is perfect for women who value subtlety and classic style. In turn, gold jewelry, due to its value and unique shine, may be an ideal choice for those who prefer a luxurious and refined style.

String bracelets, handmade with attention to detail, are characterized by a free and unconventional style, which makes them an ideal choice for women who like to express their individuality and originality through fashion.

Nothing moves more than an original gift that will become a beautiful carrier of memories and feelings. If you want a lasting accessory and a souvenir instead of flowers, choose high-quality jewelry. The abundance of forms, styles and shapes means that each person can find an original idea for a personalized gift. Mother's Day is a great opportunity to express your feelings and say what you don't talk about every day.