From the very beginning of the meeting, Milka delights us with her subtlety and delicacy.

We meet at the INGLOT PRO headquarters, but from the very first moments the atmosphere is warm, even homely, and Milka gossips with us over coffee.

After a few moments, however, it is easy to realize that behind this delicacy there is enormous strength and determination that allow for effective operation in the growing family business.

The choice of such a path was obvious - from Milka's words it is easy to conclude that she is very closely related to the family business. She started as a teenager as a salesperson, to gain experience step by step and introduce herself to the company's world. He considers separating business relationships from private relationships to be the biggest challenge related to working in a family business. It's easy to fall into the trap of always being at work. When he tells us about his working day, it is clear that he has perfect work-life balance ;)

We are very curious how Milka perceives beauty from the perspective of someone involved in the beauty industry.

“Beauty is an individual matter and everyone perceives it completely differently. I see beauty in both material and immaterial things. For me, it can be a product, music, an emotion noticed in another person, or even a simple gesture. My perception of beauty is evolving - today I am fascinated by things that I would not have noticed until recently.

He doesn't like the term canon of beauty. Of course, we follow trends and fashions, but for Milka beauty is diversity and originality.

There's a lot of talk these days about the power of natural beauty; The pandemic has certainly changed a lot and influenced the development directions of the cosmetics category. However, according to Milka, the passion for a natural look does not exclude the use of make-up - however, the selection of products and the method of applying make-up change. This is what she sees as strength - in an instant, with just a swipe of lipstick, we can change our appearance and have fun with it without worrying about trends.

Attachment to family traditions is also visible when we ask about the most important jewelry - Milka mentions the one she inherited from her grandmother. She doesn't wear it every day - but jewelry accompanies her every day. She likes to enhance her casual look with an eye-catching piece of jewelry.

Milka chose Eternal rings from our collections for the occasion, but we can also see her in our earrings :)