It's hard to catch and hard to stop :)

He arrives at the scheduled meeting like the wind. Straight from the route, from Łódź, where he lives, with his head full of morning events, professional commitments and plans related to his stay in Warsaw. We order coffee and soon we are talking as if we had known each other for years.

Klaudia is a real girl boss. Founder and creative director of the BlackBalloon agency, founder and creative director of "To The Wonders", university lecturer, PhD student at UMED and, perhaps above all, mother of two dynamic kids.

When asked when he does all this, he laughs and replies that it's at night.

When we decided to create the MUSES series, Klaudia was on our list from the beginning. We are fascinated by her versatility, enthusiasm and, above all, the fact that we can see that she does what she does with real pleasure. Without artificiality and pretense.


Jewelry accompanies Klaudia every day. Even at home, in a tracksuit, in such an everyday rhythm, it makes you feel special and gives you a unique style.

This does not mean that Klaudia does not have particularly valuable, unique jewelry in her collection.

And it has nothing to do with material value.

I don't remember my first piece of jewelry, but I remember the most important one. It was the first ring my daughter gave me for Mother's Day. This is the most important element of my jewelry. The one with whom I have the most beautiful memories.

Equally important to Klaudia is her engagement ring, which one day she would like to pass on to her daughter, so that it will stay in the family for generations.

Even though we like wearing jewelry every day, just like Klaudia, this sentimental approach is particularly close to us.

Thank you Klaudia, it will be fascinating to accompany you in your ordinary - extraordinary everyday life.

If you want to get to know Klaudia better, you can follow her on social media at @_kaszuba.


Berries&Co. project x Muses is a project in which we present women who particularly inspire us.


Those who support other women in their work and everyday life choose unusual paths and achieve success. Women who, thanks to what they do, give strength and encourage other women to make their own, independent choices.

Photo: Aleksandra Galewska