We were enchanted by Kamila's voice. Warm, deep, decisive, full of self-confidence.

And that's how we started our conversation.

As Kamila told us – such a voice can be developed. In her case, however, we have the impression that it is not only technical work, but the path she has traveled and the life experience she has gained.

Several thousand people take part in her "kart games" on her Instagram profile each time. We are surprised to discover that "everyday" is three words, and the birthday person is different from the birthday person. However, there is something more behind this linguistic sensitivity. After a short conversation with Kamila, it turns out that linguistic correctness is also a matter of elegance, and going further - it can have a real impact on the world around us. Whether we say Mrs. President or the President is important. It can tame such a difficult topic of conversations about the position of women at work and in business.

Kamila is the best example of this. It's hard to resist the impression that sitting before us is a woman who is proud and aware of what she has achieved. The decision to leave a full-time job, start your own business, and its success - this is not a coincidence. It is a conscious path, devoid of reckless decisions, but also paid with a high price. Without unnecessary coquetry, Kamila emphasizes that her own company and money gave her freedom. Freedom to choose and decide about your own time.

Our conversation is about regained freedom, courage in making decisions and speaking out loud about things considered taboo.

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