There are women whose professional choices arouse our admiration.

Adrianna Sobol works as a psycho-oncologist on a daily basis - she supports people struggling with cancer and accompanies them at all stages of the disease.

She is a lecturer at the Medical University of Warsaw at the Department of Oncological Prevention and co-author of the book "Taming Cancer. Inspiring Stories and a Guide to Emotions".

It is no accident that we chose October as the date for our meeting - it is breast cancer awareness month.

The meeting with Adrianna reminded us of what we all know, but what we forget in the whirlwind of everyday duties. First of all, let's not forget about ourselves.

We are masters in taking care of others - our loved ones, children, and we leave our needs last, most often unmet because we lack time and strength.

Let's not convince ourselves that we take care of ourselves because we choose a healthy diet or exercise. This is of course also very important. But the most important thing is to stop for a moment, look at ourselves and think about how we really feel. Listening to the needs of our body and self-awareness can help stop the disease at a stage when it is completely curable.

Because prevention is nothing else than self-love. Let's not forget that we should be most important to ourselves. Let's get tested!

For Adrianna, we chose the Secrets Champagne Nights necklace with rose quartz - the stone of love. Also this one to herself.


The Berries&Co.x Muses project is a project in which we present women who particularly inspire us. #berriesmuses

Those who support other women in their work and everyday life choose unusual paths and achieve success. Women who, thanks to what they do, give strength, inspire and encourage other women to make their own, independent choices.


Author of the text: Marek Wlazły