Viva Iguana Green Medallion

Openable gold-plated necklace with a photo pendant, green enamel

637 PLN 750 PLN
Najniższa cena z ostatnich 30 dni przez obniżką: 750 PLN

925 silver medallion, gilded with 18 carat gold , covered with green enamel. The total length of the necklace is 61 cm.

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Silver 925


18k gold/enamel

Green color:




61 cm


9.74 g

Mix colors in a jewelry smoothie! The Viva Emalia collection is an explosion of the most fashionable colors. An energy boost for everyday styling and an indispensable addition to cocktail meetings. The collection includes large colorful rings, chains with thick links and new photo medallions. The collection is complemented by the best-selling Copenagen earrings, which now have a mini version.

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